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Our wealth of experience in the cleaning of storage tanks – internally and externally is second to none; we have even developed our own specialist radial blast machines to fulfil customer requirements. Couple this with our highly efficient vertical blast machines designed specifically for the petrochemical / storage tank industry, we can achieve highly accurate profiles not only on the floors, but walls as well.

With this level experience, we understand how to get the job done on-time and on-budget.

Team in Oil Tank
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Having the proper experience with steel helps us know exactly what to expect on site and give you the exact profile needed

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Our equipment was built for the job it’s on. Our Shot Blasters have been designed with tank work and petrochemical at the forefront.

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We don’t only understand preparation, but the whole process of priming. This gives us the forsight to know what our customers expect and need

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The V3 Series remote controlled vertical shot blasting machine is designed for the blasting of large vertical / near vertical surfaces (both external & internal).

Suspended via a rigging system or crane, the V3 operates in an up/down motion; ideal for the profiling of steel tanks.

A working width of 406mm combined with fast blast rates ensure a quick & efficient process delivering the finish required to SA2.5 (if required, profiles of up to SA3 can be achieved). Abrasive loss and dust emissions are kept to a minimum by specially designed magnets attached to the machine that pull it toward the steel work, whilst a powerful vacuum system collects the debris for easy disposal.

shot blasting an internal oil storage tank wall with the v3-16
Shot blasting an internal storage tank wall using the radial machine blasting process
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The SPE V2 type vertical shot blast machine is used to blast clean the internal shell of oil / steel storage tanks from the floor up to 2m in height. The cleaning head is mounted in a mobile framework and the V2 is driven around the perimeter of the tank during the shot blasting process. As one pass is completed the blast head is raised inside the framework and the process repeated.

In the field of operation, the SPE V2 is extremely efficient blasting at a rate of 25 – 30m2 per hour up to an SA2.5 standard (SA3 standard if required would be at a lower blasting rate). Whilst electrically & mechanically complying with the general safety requirements of the petrochemical industry, the V2 can easily be adjusted to suit any site specific regulation.

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SPE Contracting carry a vast range of horizontal shot blasting machines.

Blasting widths from 9″ to 20″ are available as well as different power options. This allows us to blast clean internal tank floors in a manner that suits a clients particular safety requirements.

SPE 20" shot blaster removing contaminants and profiling a oil tank floor
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The exterior roof surface of a storage tank is directly exposed to the outside elements.

Even with coned roofs, the exterior needs to be cleaned to remove surface deposits and contaminants prior to a new protective coating being applied.

Whether you have coned roofs or floating ceilings, we have both the skill and technology to ensure a thorough cleaning process.

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 Totally enclosed, highly efficient, dust free and environmentally friendly


  • Our equipment can be dismantled to pass through a 600mm service hole
  • Cleaning to SA2.5 as standard, although SA3 is possible on request
  • We use captive blasting as a standard, so all solid dust and debris is collected for easy disposal
  • Our equipment electrically & mechanically complies with the general safety requirements of the petrochemical industry; adjustments can be made to suit site specific requirements
  • We can remove build ups of contaminants and oil residue to improve the efficiency of seals on floating roofs
  • We can remove contaminants, mill scale and rust from both internal and external walls
  • Joints are clearly exposed ready for weld inspection
  • We prepare the surface ready for a new coating
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