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All car park surfaces will deteriorate over time…

Mechanical abrasion, wear and tear, de-icing salts via water penetration, chemical spills and the action of Ultra Violet radiation from the sun all contribute to deterioration of the surface. Although temporary remedial work may reduce or slow down the effect of these processes, there will come a time when the whole surface may need to be removed and prepared prior to a new surface layer application.

The Specialist Planing Division of SPE Contracting not only have the relevant experience in preparation of car park surfaces – they specialise in them…

Maintaining the surface of a car park is an essential factor keeping an active, profitable business in this market sector. SPE Contracting understand the challenges faced in such competitive industries – whether you own multi-storey car parks, single levels or even a supermarket – all strive to provide the best for your customers.

Sometimes, this may involve re-organisation of the layout / structure of the parking scheme (for better traffic flow and / or maximising revenue), and sometimes it may involve just keeping the surface prestine with more remedial work such as levelling high spots or replacing anti-skid surfaces for safety.

But the car park decks do fail over time through wear, tear and environmental factors and need replacement. Over the years, we have learnt to respond to our clients needs, and address concerns relating to this process – especially when some techniques involved can lead to significant reduction in the base foundation, leading to significant overheads in time and cost. The techniques employed by us reduce the amount of surface that may need removing ensuring a cost effective surface.

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When it comes down to a complete surface renewal, any asphalt layers, protective membranes and waterproofing layers that have failed need to be removed prior to final preparation of the underlying substrate.

Consideration must be carefully given to the planning and implementation of such projects – will their be weight limitations? Are their access restrictions? What is the best machinery to achieve an optimum and cost effective service? Our highly experienced staff will help guide you through these considerations.

In the majority of cases, any surface being removed and prepared is proceed by firstly micro-milling the surface followed by rotary grinding to remove profile (reducing the consumption of resin coatings). Finally, the correct profile required for re-surfacing as achieved through captive methods of shot blasting.

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The first stage process is to micro plane the car park surface. Skill and care is needed her to remove only the thickness required to remove the old deteriorating deck surface.

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Rotary grinding to remove old profile from car park surface

Secondly, we employ rotary grinding to remove any residual surface profile and provide a level surface ready for re-profiling. This technique causes less damage to the underlying surface than other techniques.

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Cleaning car park surface after rotary grinding

Cleaning is often carried out in conjunction with the rotary grinding process to remove dust and debris as it is created. This maintains a clean working environment and a perfect base for the final preparation stage.

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Shot blasting new profile on car park deck prior to new surface

The final stage employs the captive shot blasting process. Here, skilled technicians utilise heavy duty, dust free,  ride on shot blasting machines to create the perfect profile as a base for the installation of the new car park deck.

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There are times when more remedial work may need to be carried out. This is important to keep your car park surface in optimum condition. Surface markings may also need dealing with from time to time. such projects may involve:

  • Surface re-texturing – shot blasting to remove embedded surface contaminants, debris and grit restoring surface texture without damaging surface structure
  • Line marking removal – achieved via shot blasting, or more aggressive scarifying techniques if required.
  • Anti skid / anti slip surface removal is necessary when performance has degraded and the anti skid surface is to be renewed or removed altogether.
  • Surface levelling / removal of high spots on concrete surfaces can be achieved using surface planing techniques
Line Marking Removal
Ware Car Park
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Thermoplastic lines

Asphalt surface

Heavy tampered concrete


Micro planing concrete surfaces

Micro planing asphalt surfaces

Rotary grinding

Shot Blasting

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